Are you tired of your slow WordPress site? Frustrated with trying to make it faster but not really making any progress? Sick of not getting the sales or the sign-ups you deserve? Worried about Googles new rules ruining your chances of appearing in search results?

We promise you your site CAN be much faster. There are two ways you can achieve that...


The Hard Way

You could buy an e-book or take an online course to teach yourself speed optimisation skills and develop a thorough understanding of the technicalities of WordPress. We can tell you from experience this will take lots of time and money. Who needs the hassle right?

WordPress speed-optimisation

The Smart Way

You could be smart and have us do the hard work for you. We speed up WordPress websites every day we are fanatical about speed. We want to make YOUR website fly!

We regularly succeed in speeding up client sites where others have failed.

Why Does My Site Need To Be Fast?


A Slow Site Will Kill Your Visitor Numbers!

Did you know that most internet users expect your site to load in under 2 seconds? If it does not load in 3 seconds 40% of them will leave before they even see your site and never come back.

A Slow Site Will Cost You Sales Or Sign-Ups FACT!

It is a well-known fact that for every extra second your site takes to load you will lose 7% in sales or sign-ups. This can add up quickly to thousands in lost income.

Click the button below to try our speed impact calculator in a new tab and find out EXACTLY what damage your site speed is doing to your profits or visitor numbers.

A Slow Site Will Harm Your Search Engine Position

Google recommends your site load in under 2 seconds. Google and other search engines now take the speed of your website into account when deciding how to order their results pages. The faster your site is the better it should do and the higher it should appear in the search results. Don't allow poor speed to push your site to a position where it will never be seen.

From May 2021 Google has stated that their core metrics (The quality of your site build and hosting) will be part of how they decide to order their results. A pass is a minimum of 85/100 for mobile speed. Is your site passing? Click the blue button below to open the test in a new window so that you do not lose this page.

What Causes A Slow Site ?


There are many things that can cause a slow website, too many to list here or you would be reading all day, but let's cover a few of the biggest problems:

Poor Hosting

This is often the biggest culprit. While cheap hosting might seem like a good idea for your bottom line, it is, in fact, quite the opposite. Your cheap hosting account could be costing you hundreds or even thousands in sales.

With web hosting, it really is a case of "You get what you pay for" Let's say you only make £500 a month from your site. If your site is taking 4 seconds to load you lost 14% in sales last year that's £840 that could have been in your pocket. All of a sudden your cheap £5 a month hosting account becomes VERY expensive and has actually cost you £75 a month in real terms. Many website owners do not consider this.

Bloated Themes

While there is an enormous selection of awesome looking themes available for WordPress they are not all created equally. Some of the most popular themes are bloated with so much unnecessary code they can really harm your website speed. Cool functions and bells and whistles might look great but what is the point if they are causing visitors to abandon your site before they even see it?

Too Many Calls To External Services

If your site was built badly it may be calling lots of other sites for things like fonts, stats, social sharing, javascript and many other functions that could be called from your own site drastically reducing load time. Long story short this means your visitors are not only waiting on your site delivering your page but all those other sites too and you have NO control over the speed of their servers.

Not Compressing Images

Images that have not been compressed losslessly can really slow down your site.

This is just the tip of the optimisation iceberg. There are many many more things you may not have considered or may not know about that can also slow down your site. Things we can help with. There are more details in the techy bits section below.

What We WIll Do For You

Assess speed

Step 1: Order A Free Site Assessment From Us

We will run multiple, thorough speed tests on your website to ascertain its current performance level.

Step 2: Analysis

We will study the results of our tests to identify speed bottlenecks and other issues with your site. This will give us a clear picture of what needs to be fixed to optimise your site.

Step 3: We Will Quote You On Speeding Up Your Site

We will send you your detailed report and quote you on a few different options for speeding up your site. There is no obligation, we will offer our services and it is up to you whether or not you want us to supercharge your site to increase your sales, sign-ups and improve the chances of your site doing well in search engines.

Should you employ us to speed up your site, all optimisations will be run on a staging copy of your site on our own test servers before we apply the improvements to your live site. This minimises impact on your visitors while we work.

Once all the work is complete we may also suggest other things you could do to speed your site up even more. Whether that be better hosting or replacing your theme. Note: It is possible to replace your theme with a better one without changing the look of your site.

The Techy Bits Of What We Do

These are just some of the optimisations we will perform. It is not all of them we aren't about to share all our secrets but as you can see we do a thorough job. We do not simply install a caching plugin like other companies. How far we will go on your optimisation will be decided by you and your desired budget.

the techy bits


  • Optimise critical rendering paths.
  • Minify HTML.
  • Minify Javascript.
  • Minify CSS.
  • Make sure there are no unnecessary redirects.
  • Make sure there are no bad requests.
  • Make sure browser caching is present.
  • Make sure your present and future images are optimised.
  • Remove query strings from static resources.
  • Specify cache validators.
  • Make sure Accept-Encoding headers are specified.
  • Speed up the loading of fonts.
  • Make sure that all images are served scaled. (Theme allowing).
  • Minimise the number of requests made to render pages.
  • Check for landing page redirects.
  • Disable unnecessary plugins from running on your home page and any landing pages you may promote heavily.

Additional Changes

  • The addition of two fully licensed premium optimisation plugins worth $75 per year. We will give you one year free then offer highly discounted rates for future years or put you in touch with a super-fast web host who will provide them free for you.
  • Adding of a top-quality image compression plugin either free or paid depending on your budget.
  • Defer loading of Javascript where theme allows.
  • Suggest plugin replacements. Many times there will be multiple plugins that do the same job some are heavier than others.
  • Unload plugins by page if they are not needed to render that specific page

Frequently Asked Questions


Click on any question to reveal the answer.

We aim to have all sites optimised within 48 to 72 hours. It really depends on how much work is involved. No two WordPress websites are the same.

Very little. All initial optimisations will be performed on a staging copy of your site before being applied to your main site.

This means on the rare occasions there are any issues while we optimise they will not affect your live site. Once we are happy the optimisation is good we will then apply the changes to your live site.

There may be 10 or 15 minutes of downtime when we upload the optimised version over your current site. We will normally do this late at night to avoid impacting your visitors.

Our ultimate aim is to get your site loading in between 1 and 2 seconds. With a Google mobile score of at least 85% This would require decent hosting, a non-bloated theme and the use of quality plugins.

We will get you the best speeds possible with your current hosting and theme set up.

Then we would refund you without question. This rarely happens. If a site is really bad we would offer to either put it on better hosting or retheme it in a much lighter framework.

Retheming can be done without changing the look of the site too much and often improving it.

It is really hard to give fixed prices for our service as WordPress sites vary MASSIVELY in quality as does the speed of web hosting.

If your site is well built and your hosting is fast it could take as little as 2 hours. If it is not it can take much longer than that.

We recommend you get our free site assessment so we can give you a better idea of what is involved for YOUR site.

No, not at all we use lossless image compression. The idea is to reduce the file size not the quality of the image. Large file sizes add time to your page load speed, that is what we are going to optimise.

WP Speed Hero is owned by a web design and hosting company that has been in business since 2004. We are creators, not destroyers.

We love WordPress, we love speed and we love happy clients.

Super Hero Speed Results


Below you will see just a few results for sites that we have already optimised for our clients. You can see more on our superhero results page.

Remember we said Google wants sites to load in under 2 seconds all of these take less than ONE second it should demonstrate to you that we know what we are doing when it comes to WordPress speed.

Latest Performance Report for- https---tott-co-uk- - GTmetrix 11-12-2020 21-59-28
Latest Performance Report for- https---paddlingpups-com- - GTmetrix 11-12-2020 22-11-51
Latest Performance Report for- https---celebrationplans-co-uk- - GTmetrix 11-12-2020 23-14-38
Latest Performance Report for- https---missingpiecesgenealogy-com- - GTmetrix 11-12-2020 22-21-07

We Can Still Help


There ARE times when a site is so old or so badly built it is not possible to speed it up to meet modern speed standards whether that be Googles tests or the demands of your visitors. If that is the case we will not leave you high and dry we will recommend an awesome company that may be able to re-theme or re-build your site for you. It may be much cheaper than you imagine.

How can we be any fairer than that?