Page Speed Articles

Below you will find various articles regarding page speed. These articles focus mainly on page speed for WordPress.

There will be information here that will surprise you and, we hope, dispel some myths and educate you on why page speed is all-important for any website.

Remember WPSpeedHero specialises in satisfying your need for speed, which in turn will help maximise the earnings from your website no matter what your product or service.


Sliders = Slow

Often one of the biggest impacts on the page speed of home pages when we optimise websites is sliders (sometimes called carousels). To get the best possible speeds from your site we will always recommend replacing sliders with a professional, attractive, static image here are the reasons why. Simple Speed Calculation Yes, your slider will…

Background Videos Bad Idea

Occasionally we will work with a client who insists on using video backgrounds for their pages or even a single row on their page. This is a very bad idea for a few reasons. While videos are an incredibly powerful marketing tool and should definitely be used to promote your product or service, they need…

Say No To Cheap Web Hosting

Right now we can hear you saying WHAT? ARE YOU CRAZY? We don’t blame you for that first reaction let’s face it we all like a good deal especially when it is on something we have to pay for every month. Let us explain why cheap hosting is actually the most expensive hosting you can…