So how much does it cost to have your site optimised? At the risk of sounding like a politician and answering a question with another question, the answer is: How bad is your website?

It is really hard to quote fixed prices on optimisation as every WordPress site is very different. If your site is really well built and you had an awesome designer like 3001web then we can probably optimise your site in a couple of hours.

If your site is built with a poor or heavy theme it can take a lot more time to fix all the issues.

If you are calling too much data from other sites this may take more time to sort out.

If you are using poor plugins this can also take time to find, install and configure better plugins that do the same job.

It also depends on how far you want us to go with your optimisation.

For £50 we can install and configure a premium caching plugin for you which will improve the speed of all your sites pages this is a basic optimisation.

For £175 we can install the premium caching, plus two other optimisation plugins to optimize different aspects of your site, optimise all your images, fully optimise your home page including selectively loading only the plugins that are needed on that page and manually iron out any other speed issues.

Or you may want us to fully optimise all the pages on your site after doing your homepage.

We suggest you first have us do you a free comprehensive speed analysis on your site, then we will be able to give you a better idea of what is involved with speeding up your site fully and what costs might be involved.

If you are thinking this is expensive we encourage you to take 2 minutes to try our speed impact calculator below, click the red button to instantly find out just how much income your current site speed may be losing for you, you may be in for a nasty surprise.