Say No To Cheap Web Hosting

cheap hosting

Right now we can hear you saying WHAT? ARE YOU CRAZY?

We don’t blame you for that first reaction let’s face it we all like a good deal especially when it is on something we have to pay for every month. Let us explain why cheap hosting is actually the most expensive hosting you can buy. It sounds crazy but it is true.

We are not going to get into poor support, uptime, downtime or any of the normal conversations around hosting we are just going to talk about the speed and what it will be costing you.

Let us get one thing straight from the start……..

Speed Costs Money

But here is a secret it will make you way more money than your nice cheap hosting.

Web servers are basically large computers that are online 24/7 to show your site to the world. Just like regular computers, you can buy cheap servers that do an ok job, or you can buy top of the range servers that are much faster and way more reliable, they just cost more.

ALL web servers have limited amounts of space and resources and can only hold so many sites. Yes we know you have seen “UNLIMITED” all over the internet, shock horror it is a marketing lie. Try reading the small print of any site offering “Unlimited” anything find their terms of service page, probably hidden away with small text and look for the “fair usage policy” you will see “Unlimited” anything is simply not true.

We don’t have to be geniuses to work out that if a web host is selling hosting at £5 a month they are not going to fork out for the top of the range super-fast servers, it just doesn’t make business sense.

Many cheap hosts (yes even the big names) also cram THOUSANDS of sites on each server to make even more profit. Think about it, all those other sites will be sharing the same resources as your site.

If you are paying under £15 a month for hosting we GUARANTEE there will be thousands of other sites on the same server this is never going to be good for your speed.

More Speed = More Income

This is not something we are making up, here are two heavily researched facts based on studies completed by some of the webs biggest companies.

1. The average web user AND GOOGLE expect your site to load in 2 seconds or less. If your site is taking over 3 seconds to load you will be losing at least 40% of your visitors before they even see your site.  This means A LOT of lost income and a waste of advertising time and money. FACT!

2. Every 1 second you add to that time will lose you another 7% in sales or conversions.

7% doesn’t sound like much does it? Read on because that little 7% makes cheap hosting VERY VERY EXPENSIVE!

An Example

Here is an example, we will do this in £’s as we are based in the UK but you can just insert your own figures and currency in your mind. Let’s say your site takes 3 seconds to load and last year your site earned just £500 a month so £6000 for the year.

There is s good chance you lost at least  £420 in income because impatient visitors just hit “back” before it even loaded. You lost that income so divide it by 12 and add that to whatever you are paying monthly. In this case, your cheap £5 a month hosting plan actually cost you £40 a month. Not wise when for £15 to £25 you could buy some really fast hosting. (quick calculation at £15 a month your hosting would have been £120 more for the year but you would have another £420 in your pocket)

At 4 seconds you lost £840 and your £5 hosting plan cost you £75 a month.

Cheap hosting is an insanely BAD idea it is literally like throwing money down the drain.

Click the button below to try our speed impact calculator in a new tab and find out EXACTLY what damage your site speed is doing to your profits or visitor numbers.

So What Does Fast Hosting Cost?

So what does professional fast hosting cost? For £15 to £25 a month you can get a fast, reliable, fully managed professional hosting account on top quality servers. This alone can make a huge difference to your sites speed and your income.

We recommend our sister site 3001Web who offer fully managed lightning fast WordPress hosting from £15.99 a month. For that, they will not only provide you with top quality, lightning-fast hosting they will even move your site from your current host to their servers free of charge for you. They have servers in both the UK and the US.

Because their hosting is truly managed they also take care of ALL your WordPress updates for you. Yes, you read it correctly, you will never have to update a theme or a plugin again for as long as you host with them. When they say managed they mean managed.

It does not stop there 3001Web also offer site design, editing and maintenance. They could be your very own WordPress experts.

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