Our terms and conditions are fairly straightforward. By ordering services from us you are agreeing to these terms.

Access To Your Site

We request that we are provided with our own temporary usernames and passwords to your site. This is to ensure we do not get disconnected from your site by shared logins.

If you do not create a custom admin account for us we reserve the right to do so once we log in.

All usernames and passwords you provide to us for the purpose of accessing your site to work on it will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with third parties that are not employees of WP Speed Hero or 3001Web.

Once optimisation of our site is complete you should delete our user account. We will tell you when it is safe to do so.

The only time we offer refunds is in the case that we can not speed up your website by at least 1 second (this is very rare). Refunds are at the discretion of WP Speed Hero and 3001 web staff.

When you order services from us you are paying for the time of our staff not physical or virtual products therefore once work has started refunds are not possible.

Provision Of Premium Plugins Free
We may as part of our service to you include premium plugins to help optimise your site. These plugins will be provided using our developer license keys. We will not, however, provide you with a copy of that key.

We renew these plugins yearly and will continue to do so while our business operates. Please be aware that in the highly unlikely event we ever stop trading or our business be sold to another company you may need to buy licenses for those plugins if you wish to continue to update them regularly.

Liability For Downtime
While we take every precaution possible to ensure there is no downtime for your site, we can not be held responsible for any downtime that may occur during optimisation that is caused by your hosting environment. Should downtime occur we will, of course, communicate with you and your host to resolve any issues quickly.

All initial optimisation will be done on a staging copy of your site to avoid such issues; however, they can occur on extremely rare occasions.

Extra Fees
Retheming of websites or the offer of better hosting are separate services and will be billed as such. Hosting and re-theming are not included in our optimisation service fees.

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